This year we decided to put the emphasis on “Militant” in Militant Black Metal and organize a full-blown fight night before Asgardsrei fest in the famous historical building of Mala Opera. On Friday, December 13, fighters from all over Ukraine as well as Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic and France will face each other in the octagon. “Reconquista – Winter Raid” will be divided into two sections –

MMA open cup: 10 amateur and semi-pro fights to heat up the night.
Professional grand-prix: 3 boxing super heavyweight fights, K-1 fights, international MMA fights.

Mala Opera is located in the central area, the address is Dehtiarivska St, 5. Doors open at 20.00, fights will take place from 21.00 to midnight. Entrance fee is included in FULL tickets and FULL VIP tickets.

  • Regular ticket

  • Weekend pass for the fest
  • Friday not included
  • 1000 UAH
  • Full VIP ticket

  • Full VIP pass for three days
  • One seat with table on the 2nd floor
  • Limited to 150 tickets
  • 3000 UAH
  • VIP ticket

  • Weekend VIP pass for the fest
  • One seat with table on the 2nd floor
  • Friday not included
  • 2500 UAH