What’s the line-up for this year?

Saturday (December 14): EVIL (Brazil), KATAXU (Poland, first show ever), KRODA (Ukraine), SIEGNEUR VOLAND (France), SIELUNVIHOLLINEN (Finland), BLACKDEATH (Russia) + BlazeBirthHall tribute set after midnight (various musicians will join together to commemorate Kaldrad).

Sunday (December 15): WODULF (Greece), STUTTHOF (Greece, first show ever), GOATMOON (Finland), M8L8TH (Russia/Ukraine), BAISE MA HACHE (France), FRANGAR (Italy), SVARGA (Ukraine), SELBSTMORD (Poland).

Doors open at 15.00, show starts at 16.00.

Will there be an extra event on Friday before the fest?

Yes, this year we decided to put the emphasis on “Militant” in Militant Black Metal and organize a full-blown fight night before the fest in the famous historical building of Mala Opera. Fighters from all over Ukraine as well as Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic and France will face each other in the octagon. “Reconquista – Winter Raid” will be divided into two sections –

MMA open cup: 10 amateur and semi-pro fights to heat up the night.
Professional grand-prix: 3 boxing super heavyweight fights, K-1 fights, international MMA fights.

Doors open at 20.00, fights will take place from 21.00 to midnight. Entrance fee is included in FULL tickets and FULL VIP tickets

Where is it all taking place?

There are three main addresses that you have to take note of:

MILITANT STORE (Tarasa Shevchenka Ln, 5) – our brick and mortar store is located in the beating heart of Kiev – just a few steps from Maidan square. You will find all our original products as well as official merch, CDs and vinyl records by other labels and bands. Opening hours of the store will be extended on the days of the festival.

BINGO CLUB (Peremohy Ave, 112) – same as last year, the two-day festival will take place at Bingo club – a spacious venue able to comfortably host up to 1600 people. The club is easily accessible by metro, bus or taxi.

MALA OPERA (Dehtiarivska St, 5) – located in the central area the old opera hall will host “Reconquista-WR” MMA-event on Friday’s night before the fest. The entrance to the venue is just across the street from Lukanivska metro station.

How do I buy tickets?

First, make sure that your region is selected in the top menu (left corner). Then navigate to the Tickets section, add tickets to the cart and proceed to checkout.

After your order is completed, electronic ticket will be automatically sent to your email (give it a couple of minutes and check your spam folder). You can print your ticket or present it on a mobile device on the day of the festival. Please make sure that QR-code, ticket # and security code are clearly visible. Tickets will be scanned at the entrance.

We currently accept VISA and MasterCard as a payment method. Normally there should be no problem, however if your payment is declined please try a different card or contact your financial institution.

If you still have a problem with payment shoot us an email at shop@militant.zone we will surely work something out together.

Do I need a visa to enter Ukraine?

No. Ukraine allows for a visa free entry for citizens coming from Europe and North America. If you are coming from a different part of the world make sure to check this map.

Where to stay in Kiev?

All festival-related locations are easily accessible by metro so we recommend you find a place to stay in the central area. Khreschatyk (yes, it sounds like a name for a Black Metal band) – is the main street in Kiev and probably the best place to stay, yet it is also the most expensive. By “expensive” we mean a price ranging from 50+ euros per night, which is really nothing compared to average hotel rates in major European city centers.

However, if having a presidential suite is not an option, you can easily find a decent place to stay in the central area for under 30-50 euros, or move a bit further from center and get a nice room for 10-20 euros. Just make sure there is a metro station nearby.

Getting around in Kiev is fairly easy – the city has a good metro system and taxi prices are super affordable (an average taxi trip within the city will cost you about 5 euros).